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One-Day, GUARANTEED to TRANSFORM your year.

If you’re seeking a powerful first stride, experience an event with Jay Geier – these events are our cornerstone to setting Doctor’s on their personal success paths —and get that jump-start you need to make the massive progress you desire. You will learn the strategic tactics you need to deploy at this specific economic time in your industry. Find out if now is the time you should sell, maintain or grow your practice and you can IMMEDIATELY increase the VALUE of your Practice. Attending an event with Jay Geier will create massive momentum by helping you identify with absolute certainty what it is your vision for your Practice and your Goals, giving you the proven tools and strategies to help you follow through to achieve those goals and vision, and then discovering how to permanently break through any barriers that may be holding you back.

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Most productive day of the year.
Jay rocks.

- Dr. Alanson Randol

Great way to spend a day and get clarity on your exit strategy and get refocus on your purpose. My wife resisted coming but enjoyed it greatly. Handing out cash certainly doesn't hurt either! (just kidding)

- Dr. Kelvin Choi

Thank you for making this Friday's lecture directional changing for me. Wish you had been there for me some 30 years ago, or even 20. But that's ok also, I'm glad I came. Please tell Jay if you screen his emails that I am sending him a gift as a "thank you". It should get to the Roswell office by Tuesday.

- Dr. Harry Harcsztark

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